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If you know someone who has a mood disorder...

Many people who are seriously affected by either depression or anxiety are too incapacitated by their illness to seek medical help. Others may deny they need any medical help and try to carry on despite a greatly diminished life experience.

All too commonly, people who are responding to medical therapy mistakenly think they are now "cured" and stop taking their medication - despite the very real probability that once they stop, symptoms will return. These are all difficult situations to deal with, especially for family members and friends who wish the best for the person who is ill.

As always, the best place to enlist help is from your doctor.

If you need additional help, the following associations may be able to offer significant insight and support to all affected by depression, mania and anxiety. Keep in mind that self-help support groups for people with mood disorders may be available in your area as well.

The following organizations may be able to pinpoint a support group near to you if you wish to participate. We will be adding further contacts to this list, as well as email addresses where they exist.

Help Centre Name: The Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia
Help Centre Phone Number: (604) 873-0103
Help Centre Website: www.mdabc.ca/index.php
Help Centre E-mail: mdabc@telus.net

Help Centre Name: Healthlink Calgary Health Region (Alberta)
Help Centre Phone Number: (403) 943-LINK {(403)-943-5465}
Help Centre Website: www.calgaryhealthregion.ca/healthlink
Help Centre E-mail:

Help Centre Name: The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba Limited (MDAM):
Help Centre Phone Number: (204) 786-0987 Toll-free: 1-800-263-1460 Fax: (204) 786-1904
Help Centre Website:
Help Centre E-mail: sdmd@depression.md.ca

Help Centre Name: The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (MDAO)
Help Centre Phone Number: (416) 486-8046 or Toll free 1-888-486-8236
Help Centre Website: www.mooddisorders.ca/
Help Centre E-mail: info@mooddisorders.ca

Help Centre Name: GP psychotherapy Association (Toronto area)
Help Centre Phone Number: (416) 410-6644
Help Centre Website:
Help Centre E-mail:

Help Centre Name: REVIVRE- Association quebecoise de soutien aux personnes souffrant de troubles anxieux, depressifs ou bipolaires:
Help Centre Phone Number: (514) 529-7552
Help Centre Website: www.revivre.org
Help Centre E-mail: revivre@revivre.org

Help Centre Name: The Depressive and Manic-Depressive Society of Nova Scotia:
Help Centre Phone Number: (902) 539-7179
Help Centre Website:
Help Centre E-mail:


Over one million Canadians suffer from some form of depressive illness.