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Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments

At the dawn of the 21st Century, humankind faces both unimaginable wealth and profound challenges. For healthcare-related challenges, perhaps the medical journal Lancet stated it best: "No Health without Mental Health". Chief among the challenges are understanding and proper management of mood and anxiety disorders, at all levels-individual, family, and society.

CANMAT - or the Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments - is a federally incorporated academically based not-for-profit research organization linking healthcare professionals from across Canada who have a special interest in mood and anxiety disorders. The ultimate goal of CANMAT is to improve the functioning and quality of life of persons experiencing mood and anxiety disorders, through conduct of innovative research projects, development of evidence-based and best practice educational programs, and guideline/policy development. While CANMAT is Canadian in origin, its perspective is international; its treatment guidelines and educational programs have been designed for adaptation to many countries.

CANMAT offers a variety of information for the public, for health care providers, and for policy developers and others. Key disease information and detailed treatment advice is available for the public, while providers can obtain treatment guidelines for mood disorders and key Continuing Education information. Policy providers can also access treatment guidelines and learn about new education programs. A special feature of the website includes free download of Powerpoint slides reviewing the major treatment guidelines, to facilitate discussion, teaching, and uptake of the guidelines around the world.

CANMAT is pleased to post new CANMAT Task Force Reports on Comorbidity. This is a series of nine articles that discuss how to identify and treat mood disorders when there is another medical condition also present, ranging from other psychiatric problems like Anxiety Disorders to ADHD and also specific strategies for Mood Disorders in the presence of other medical diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis, etc.


Over one million Canadians suffer from some form of depressive illness.